Transfection webinars

CRISPR RNP delivery

The CRISPR revolution has opened almost limitless new opportunities in genetic research. A crucial part of CRISPR technology relies on “efficient and effective delivery” which remains challenging despite the most recent advances.

Cas9 protein and gRNA complex (RNP) has been proven to be more effective in gene editing. This webinar will feature the new Viromer® CRISPR reagent which has been designed for outstanding RNP delivery.

We teamed up with our partner OriGene to provide this webinar about the challenges doing CRISPR applications and the advantages of the CRISPR RiboNucleoProtein delivery.

Key Topics

  • Why is the delivery of CRISPR components challenging?
  • What is RNP and how does RNP improve the final editing?
  • Transfection efficiency of CRISPR RNP by Viromer® CRISPR
  • Q & A

Immune cell transfection

Transfecting immune cells is incredibly challenging, due to their ability of self-defense. In those cells, several mechanisms prevent further processing of plasmids or oligonucleotides after intracellular delivery by most common transfection methods.

This webinar will feature the Viromer® technology which is using hight-tech polymers that emulate viral uptake and provide an active escape from the endosome. Mononuclear phagocytes can be efficiently transfected by Viromer® transfection reagents, thus positioning the Viromer® reagents as optimal tools for current and future immunlogy research.

We teamed up with our partner OriGene to provide this webinar about the challenges doing immune cell transfection and the amazing advantages the Viromer® technology provides for transfecting phagocytes.

Key Topics

  • Why is immune cell transfection so challenging?
  • What is Viromer® and how does it improve transfection
  • New strategies in immune cell transfection
  • Q & A