Viromer® ONE RED

mRNA / pDNA transfection

  • 96 individual transfections
  • designed for 96- to 24-well applications

Lyophilized product. Rehydrate with your pDNA / mRNA diluted in H2O. Fully compatible with the Viromer® RED liquid product.

Article No.:

Evolution in mRNA and plasmid transfection

Instead of manual preparations, Viromer® ONE RED is an easy, individual and reliable new transfection reagent which brings industry standard into your lab.



  • protein expression / overexpression via pDNA and mRNA
  • RNA interference with plasmids encoding for shRNA
  • reporter gene assays
  • cancer research
  • stem cell research
  • cell signaling

Features and Benefits

  • Viromer® ONE RED is fully compatible with our Viromer® RED liquid product, but is easier to handle and significantly reduces variability. Please refer to our cell data base for a complete list of cell types that are amenable to Viromer transfection.
  • ONE Step Transfection.
  • High transfection efficiency due to an active escape of Viromer® complexes from the endosome.
  • Great safety because Viromer complexes are non-charged, gentle on cells and compatible with serum and antibiotics.
  • Easy and fast transfection with consistent results ascribed to a one step protocol including initial optimization.


  • for research use only
  • store dry at 2-8°C

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