Viromer® ONE

standardized transfection reagent

Viromer Transfection ONE full plate
Doing a transfection is like making coffee. Same procedure, somewhat different result each time you do it. Then came Nespresso. An easy, comfortable and clean way to make your prep.
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Regarding coffee we leave it to you. But for standardized plasmid DNA or mRNA transfections, there is Viromer® ONE RED. Start the tour and learn how simplicity and control became ONE.

Viromer Transfection ONE RED product package

What’s this?

Viromer® ONE RED is available as a full plate of 96 individual vials, each containing ONE portion of lyophilized ready-to-use transfection reagent. Simply break a tube or more. Add DNA or mRNA. Get results. Store the rest for next time or share with your labmates!
Viromer Transfection ONE Plate 01


Designed for single to multichannel transfections in 24- to 96-well plate formats. Just add your diluted DNA (or mRNA) to suspend the reagent and enable complexation. ONE tube works for ONE well.
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Viromer® ONE RED

Viromer Transfection ONE Features

Proven high-performance transfection

Viromer Transfection ONE Benchmark Data

Basic Transfection Protocol

Viromer Transfection ONE protocol

Optimization Guide

Viromer Transfection ONE Optimization Guide

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