Viromer® in myology / cardio-vascular research

Recent progress in genetics and continuous development of innovative therapeutics have made myology and cardio-vascular researches full-fledged disciplines within the medical and scientific field. Covering the study of muscle physiology, myogenesis, muscular and neuromuscular diseases, injuries, aging, sport-induced damages, it involves a very active work at the bench to better understand the functioning of skeletal, smooth, or cardiac muscle cells and the associated pathologies.

Transfection of these cells is an indispensable tool to understand molecular pathways underlying cells functions in healthy or pathological conditions. The Viromer® technology has provided so far very promising results for a broad spectrum of muscle cells, including primary cells, hard-to-transfect cardiomyocytes and myosarcoma cells. As model cell lines for cardio-vascular research, it should be also noticed good efficiency for HUVEC and HMVEC cells.

siRNA-mediated gene silencing

Up to 80-100% complete specific gene knock-downs have been achieved by transfecting siRNA into different kinds of myocytes including cardiomyocyts and HUVEC’s using Viromer® BLUE  or  Viromer® GREEN:

protein expression

in cardiomyocytes

in myoblasts


Viromer® BLUE | Viromer® GREEN | Viromer® RED | Viromer® YELLOW

transfection efficiency

< 30% | 30-50% | 50-80% | > 80%

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Type siRNA mRNA pDNA Data
Rhabdomyosarcoma RMS      See data