Topical mRNA in vivo transfection

Viromer® transfection reagent is a strong tool for topical in vivo applications in animal models.

Dermis and intestine express mRNA upon topical in vivo transfection.

Steffen Panzner, PhD

CEO & Founder

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Christian Reinsch, PhD

Principal Investigator & Co-Founder

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Intraduodenal injection

15μg of complexed mRNA were injected into the mouse duodenum, luciferase was monitored after 6h. For imaging purposes, the abdomen was opened and the intestine exposed.

Expression of luciferase was detected in doudenum and small intestine.

Intradermal injection

2μg of complexed mRNA were injected intradermally close to the shoulder, luciferase was monitored after 6h.

Expression of luciferase is clearly visible as a localized signal.

For mRNA delivery, particles of about 200nm were prepared.
Carrier : Viromer® / Payload : mRNA coding for luciferase (Trilink)
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