Systemic mRNA in vivo transfection

Viromer® IN VIVO is a strong and powerful, polymer based in vivo transfection reagent, that provides excellent performance by delivering mRNA safe and efficient into animal models.

Selective delivery into spleen using VIROMER® IN VIVO

Rapid and durable transfection of luciferase mRNA into spleen.

10μg mRNA formulated using specific Viromer®,mice seen from dorsal side.

Signal appears as early as 2h after tail vein injection…

…peaks at 6h and…

…expressed protein is still active after 44h.

Selective delivery into liver using Viromer® IN VIVO

Rapid and strong transfection of luciferase mRNA into liver.

Using 25 or 40μg of the mRNA:Viromer® complex, a preferred liver targeting is achieved. Expression in liver is very pronounced after 6h and still detectable after 24h.

(For mRNA delivery, particles of about 200nm were prepared. Carrier : Viromer® / Payload : mRNA coding for luciferase (Trilink). Complexes were injected i.v. into mice and expression was monitored over time using in vivo luminescense. © 2016, Lipocalyx)