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Type siRNA mRNA pDNA Data
Caco-2      See data
Cal-27    See data
Cancer stem cells (3D-mammospheres)     See data
Cardiomyocytes, primary murine         See data Publications
CB committed basal cells, human primary patient-derived prostate epithelial     Publication
CD34+ haematopoietic cells, primary human      Publication
CHME3     See data
CHO                    Publications
CHO DG44  
Chondrocytes, primary human   
CMT-93     Publication
Colon carcinoma cells, primary human       See data
COS-7      See data
CSSC, primary human corneal stromal stem cells      Publications
CT-26          See data
cytotrophoblasts, primary human, villous     Publication
Dendritic cells, primary human and mouse                See data Publications
Dental follicle stem cells, primary human     See data
DI TNC 1      See data