VIROMER® CRISPR for RNP delivery

Superior Transfection for Genome Editing

Nowadays the common and most cited delivery methods for the CRISPR / Cas9 technology are electroporation, viral transduction, or lipofection. But major drawbacks are still not overpassed since impacts on cell physiology or viability are often reported for many cell types. Electroporation is also known to be cost-effective and viral transduction requires expertise and tedious protocols.

By screening more than 10.000 different polymer compositions and formulations, VIROMER® CRISPR offers now a chemical transfection tool. It was developed and especially optimized for a reliable delivery of the ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex of Cas9 endonuclease and target guide RNA. Maximized transfection efficiencies in different cell types together with low cell toxicity are leading to a high Cas9-mediated genome editing efficiency with less off-target effects.

A clear advantage of Cas9 RNP delivery is a faster and safer genome editing process. Once delivered into the cytosol there is an immediate usage of the active endonuclease. In comparison using plasmid vectors is the easiest method but it slows down the process due to transcriptional and translational steps and it doesn’t work for hard-to-transfect cells. VIROMER® CRISPR is now available to give safety to a crucial part of the CRISPR / Cas9 genome editing workflow, which is the delivery.

Focus on other key steps, we have the right delivery system for your cells!

  • Superior to plasmid or mRNA approaches
  • Powerful transfection mediated by high-tech polymer nanoparticles
  • Comfort of an adjustable and scalable chemical reagent
  • Less off-target effects and less toxicity than lipofection or electroporation

Viromer® CRISPR savely delivers any RNP complex into your cells

Monitoring of RNP delivery in C2C12 cells 24h post-transfection by using a labeled tracrRNA (Alt-R® CRISPR-Cas9 tracrRNA, ATTO™ 550 from IDT, Coralville USA).

Data courtesy of Dr. Laurence Neff, CMU – University of Geneva, Switzerland

Viromer® CRISPR is usable in any type of genome-editing workflow

>60% reduction in RFP expression in stable HEK293T cells 48h post-transfection.

Data courtesy of Origene/USA (including cells, Cas9 and gRNA sources)

Viromer® CRISPR is easily adjustable: find the best compromise for your cells!

17-72% of cleavage efficiency as results of T7E1 assay 48h after RNP delivery in A549 cells by using: 2 different equimolar stock solutions (2.5 or 5uM), 3 transfer volumes of transfection complexes, and 2 different Cas9 (sgRNA-HPRT1 from LifeTech/USA, Cas9 from OriGene/USA and LifeTech/USA)

Viromer® CRISPR shows consistency of delivery and reliability on editing

Averaged cleavage efficiency with repetition of the same experimental set-up: Test of 3 RNP stock concentrations x 3 transfer volumes of transfection complexes, T7E1 assay 48h post-transfection of HEK cells, target: HPRT1 gene.