More protein, simpler protocol.

Increase yield and reliability in protein production using


Viromer® Transfection Technology

Based on PEI

The most widely used polymer for DNA transfection.

PEI backbone shown in blue.

Improved for endosome escape

Hydrophobic (grey) and carboxyl (red) side chains greatly improve transfection through better membrane penetration.

Developed using our leading Viromer® transfection technology

Superior efficiencies have been already observed in small scale in vitro transfection setups.

Viromer® PLASMID

DNA coding for luciferase was transfected using Viromer® Plasmid or competitors.

3x better expression is achived in HEK293 cells.

Stable & Anionic DNA Complexes

DNA / Viromer® BIOPROCESS complexes maintain size for at least 2h. Consistent particle size is critical for robust transfection process.

DNA / Viromer® BIOPROCESS complexes are negatively charged resulting in colloidal stability during holding times and in cell suspensions.


Superior with Suspension Cells

Transient transfections into Freestyle-293F cells. Cells were harvested after 5 days. Binding capacity of secreted antibodies was measured by SPR.


One-Step Protocol

Add concentrated pDNA (500 µg/ml DNA) to a preformulated, lyophilized reagent.

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