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members of the Viromer® transfection expert team

Lipocalyx started its venture in August 2011 to create novel transfectants. We did this with a strong background in delivery and chemistry but started from scratch to build an entirely novel system from the very beginning with no strings attached. 2 libraries and 10.000 compounds later we had a prototype; formulation made it a product we were happy to share. Over the past three years, Viromers have made their way into many labs. We are very happy to work and interact with many of our customers on a daily basis and we love to share work and success with a strong network of distributors around the globe. Stay tuned and return to this website to be part of our next big idea.

Lipocalyx is funded by BMP in Magdeburg and High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) in Bonn.

Lipocalyx is supported by the European Federal Development Fund and the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt.

Lipocalyx is supported by the European Social Fund and the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt.

Viromer® Transfection CEO & Founder Steffen Panzner

Dr. Steffen Panzner

CEO & Founder

I got my education in the cold rooms in Halle, Berlin and Boston, purifiying proteins and placing them into membranes. Back in Halle I had my first rendezvous with applied science – and loved it from day one. The environment sparked my first enterprise Novosom in 1999. A decade and more than 50 patents later, we sold our technology to Marina Biotech, USA. When I found the opportunity for Lipocalyx, it went for it in no time.

Viromer® Transfection PI & Co-Founder Christian Reinsch

Dr. Christian Reinsch

Principal Investigator & Co-Founder

I started my journey on drug delivery in 2005 at Novosom AG. Here, I came in touch with peptides and proteins and their formulation into liposomes. More than one year later I found my passion on the handling and delivery of oligonucleotides using the Smarticles® Technology. I was closing the chapter of liposomes by finishing my PhD in 2011. The same year I grasped the opportunity and co-founded Lipocalyx, the Viromer®-Company. We here set a benchmark for transfection reagents … and the trip goes on.

Research and Development

Viromer® Transfection Scientist Patrick Kreideweiss

Patrick Kreideweiss

Formulation Scientist

Viromer® Transfection technical assistance in CMC Valentina Tayurskaya

Valentina Tayurskaya

Technical Assistance in CMC

Marketing and Sales

contact person Bettina Weber for transfection inquiries

Bettina Weber

Marketing and Sales Manager

After graduating from the Free University of Berlin with a degree in Molecular Biology I got my scientific education at the Robert Koch-Institute in the field of molecular virology, at the Charité Berlin in cardiovascular research and at the University Hospital Halle in lung cancer research. With more than 10 years of transfection experience in the lab, days and weeks spent on optimization, I am very happy to share my knowledge in this special field with other researchers, especially on the german, UK and US market.

Dr. Sandra Lagauzère

Marketing and Sales Manager

Graduated in environmental sciences, my research work enabled me taking part in exciting projects and getting expertise in ecotoxicology, molecular biology, biogeochemistry and ecological modeling. I cultivated biofilms to feed snakes, I put millions of bloodworms in uranium-spiked sand and I walked in red-colored acidic lakes… then, I happened to work with transfection by chance! I started at Lipocalyx as support for French-speaking customers and I rapidly get interest in related research area. Today, I am pleased to discuss with people from all around the world, learn about their experimental projects and to help them solving their transfection problems.